Rosamund Edwards - Practitioner Profile

I'm Rosamund, the owner & creator of Be Vibrant which includes our Wellness Studio and our awesome BIG little health & wellness online shop,

I combine experience as a Certified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist and Natural Healing Science (Energy) Practitioner with my new passion working in Kinesiology.

I draw on my physical/ non physical training to combine functional assessment & physical massage therapy with intuitive work to facilitate greater physical & energetic alignment and comfort. I encourage my clients to set goals for their well-being at the beginning of the session and work in synergy with you towards facilitating that outcome. 
The work I do is completely individual to you. Over 10+ years of clinical practice I have worked with a large range of physical conditions and energetic imbalances to facilitate greater wellness for my clients. My intention is for you to leave each session feeling revitalised, with a renewed sense of connection within.

Read customer reviews of my work below.


Kinesiology (Kin-easy-ology) is a comprehensive wellness-balancing modality that brings together Eastern and Western philosophies. It looks beyond symptoms or named dis-eases, instead working to identify and clear the underlying core issues and stresses. The balancing is done on the premise that our bodies have innate information and healing ability. 

Rosamund is proficient at balancing through Kinesiology remotely - these sessions can be time-efficient and also yield excellent results. Sessions are conducted via video call on WhatsApp.

The issues we uncover can be physical, structural, emotional, mental, electrical, nutritional, spiritual, bio-chemical or energetic. 

Kinesiology is not limited to dealing with ailments, conditions or diseases. Balancing the body, mind and soul brings alignment to every aspect of your life, resulting in wholeness, vitality, happiness and enabling pathways for you to discover and reach your potential.

PKP (Professional Kinesiology Practice) is a system developed in the 1980's by NZ medical doctor Dr Bruce Dewe and his wife Joan Dewe. They are founders of PKP International and have more than 16 schools around the world. 

Rosamund is presently a PKP Dipoma Student, having completed the professional Certification course.

Neuromuscular Therapy is a follow-on qualification from therapeutic massage which uses a range of analysis & treatment techniques to assist with deep tension, myofascial/ muscular pain & tightness; relief from trigger points causing aches and pains; rehabilitation from/ prevention of injury; clearing physical/ emotional trauma from the body; and increased body awareness through tools like breath work.

I've also completed a 3 year diploma in Natural Healing Science (working in the human energy field) from the NZ School of Natural Healing in 2003. This has formed the basis of my ongoing intuitive work, which I've continued to develop through my clinical work with clients and in my own life.

My past background includes a career of 15 years as an I.T. Business Analyst working on large systems development & implementation projects, so I understand first-hand the sorts of pressures that arise in corporate working environments. Prior to this I enjoyed a few stints working as a ski instructor overseas and in NZ.


Customer Reviews


"I wanted to thank you for giving me the possibility to say goodbye to my grandmother.  After 5 days of doing the session with you, my grandmother died. Thank you for letting me see her and feel her by my side, being so far away. It was incredible. The session was amazing. You are sunshine. Thanks for bring me the light."

- Mercedes, Tauranga

"I had a remote kinesiology session with Rosamund which took an hour and a half to complete. I experienced my body realigning itself and clearing energetically. Rosamund was able to assess accurately areas of energy blocks and the cause  for these blockages. This assessment was followed by clearing and opening new pathways. After the session, I felt deeply grateful, peaceful and integrated. I highly recommend her service to you."

- Osher Osher Oriyah, Sound Healing and Expressive Arts therapies

"Hey Ros 😊 I just was thinking of you before, as I navigate through this first week with 3 kiddies on school hols - I appreciate the work you have done on me and made me more aware to surrender into my life for exactly what it is right now and enjoy it and feel the joy within, it’s still a process for me but I feel I’m in a better place because of what you have done for me and bringing awareness to that. Just wanted to say thanks for that it def helps me setup for the next few weeks of kids and our trip"

- Gina, Auckland

"Wow, I had the most incredible neuromuscular massage with Ros from Be Vibrant Massage Studio! I’m currently heavily pregnant and suffering from crippling back pain which is causing me pain 24/7, I could barely even walk!! After a session I can move easily and pain free, her holistic approach is incredible! So happy to have found such an incredible professional I just had to share!!"

- Katrina, Auckland

" I just wanted to thank you so, so much for my and [friend's] massages yesterday. We both spoke afterwards of how in-tune you were with our needs and the specific focus you gave our bodies to help heal and recover. So so good and felt very cared for. We both feel better for it today. You have a very special gift and you share it beautifully."

- Shona, Auckland

"I’ve received two massages from Rosamund.  I’d had pain in my shoulder for 18 months that was mostly gone after the first massage and continued to release in the days following. I will definitely be back for more and highly recommend Rosamund as a massage therapist.

 Thank you so much!  Love your massage work.  :-)"

- Caroline, Waiheke Island

"I'm excited to share about a treatment I received recently. I've suffered from frozen shoulder for a while now, and the doctor had advised there was not much to be done physically and recommended seeing a sports doctor for cortisol. Rosamund has relieved the near-constant ache I had around my shoulder blade in ONE session and my mobility is much improved. She uses an amazing combination of myofascial (and painful) release techniques, mind-body connections and seems to hone in exactly to the sore spots but is gentle in her approach. 

I cannot recommend Rosamund highly enough. I will certainly be returning."

- Jessica, Auckland