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  • Rosamund Edwards

All About Energy Work

Updated: Feb 5

In this video you can listen to me describe in detail the type of energy work I do, called Natural Healing Science. It's based on the premise of the physical body existing within and upon the soul's (and Higher Self's) energetic matrix. And, at the higher levels, as our unique aura or energy field existing as as a quintessential part of the universal (or 'quantum') field, eventually as one.

I am attuned to working in the human energy field via training from the NZ School of Natural Healing and the modality is called Natural Healing Science. I completed my 3 year diploma at the school in 2003. If you've experienced reiki, it's not dissimilar, but the work I do is specific and tailored to you rather than simply channelling energy. My training formed the basis of my ongoing intuitive work, which I've continued to develop through my clinical work with clients and especially within my own life.

Many of my energy work clients have benefited from a life-changing awakening of their energetic make-up and I've often been providing one-on-one tuition during these sessions to help with energy management and sustained awareness of subtle energy in these tumultuous times. This awareness in turn enables feeling healthy, self-supported and connected. It's not easy to describe the profound sense of peace which can arise from certain sessions that may occur at pivotal times.

As we develop as individuals through life experience, our energy centers (chakras) and the corresponding levels of our energy field may become congested and inhibit Soul expression. Clearing of these accumulations, auric debris, emotional congestions, and repair of rips, tears and holes within the aura allows a person to experience themselves at a much deeper level. Healing may assist to correct physical disease by supporting the energetic matrix upon which the physical body is formed. Natural healing touches all aspects of the life, facilitating mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

All sessions are facilitated in accordance with your Higher Self - your soul, so you will always receive the healing that is correct for your stage of your journey. We can work specifically or generally for re-tuning/ re-alignment. We can also work deeply on mental, emotional, physical, relationship, and spiritual issues you are experiencing and help you receive any energetic "upgrades" and incorporate new energetic "templates" that are required to help you shift out of outdated belief systems & emotional patterning, allowing your outer life experiences to shift also.

The energy work is always 100% led by your higher self and divine beings of light who are ready to work through my physical and energy vessel with you.

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