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What is Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)?

Updated: Feb 5

NMT is a specific therapeutic massage approach to health and wellbeing. It looks at the underlying causes of problems being experienced by addressing several key areas, namely:

Postural distortion For example, are your shoulders level? Is your pelvis tipped or torqued? Is your body aligned in gravity? Are there any innate structural deficiencies that need to be looked at?

Trigger Points These are areas in muscles which can cause referred pain, weakness and other problems. They cause all kinds of common and not-so-common problems including headaches, neck, back and shoulder pain, overuse syndromes, digestive problems, and sciatica. Once discovered they are usually easily treated using compression or ice and stretching.

Muscle spasm Tightness in the muscular and fascial (connective tissue) systems tends to constrict blood and energy flow to the area so it is vital to address this. Tight muscles cannot work properly and pull on other areas which then have to compensate. Once tight muscles are released it tends to help the whole body and posture to come back into balance, and the full function of the muscle is restored.

Stress and other lifestyle factors The massage sessions usually bring a great deal of stress relief by calming and soothing your nervous system, giving you time to relax. We also address other aspects of your life that may be adding stress unnecessarily, and help you to make appropriate adjustments. What is your diet like? Do you get enough vitamins and minerals? What is your seating like at your workstation? Can you make some time to get up and stretch? Usually we can find ways that work for you to help you feel more in charge of your wellbeing.

Who can benefit from Neuromuscular therapy (NMT)? Anyone who is interested in improving the posture and function of their body can benefit. Are you looking for a way to manage stress effectively while increasing your body awareness? Are you an active person looking to increase muscle performance? Do you suffer back, neck or shoulder pain, or other aches and pains?

Does NMT address the health of the whole person? Yes, absolutely. The NMT approach is focussed on improving the nervous and musculoskeletal balance and provides benefits that extend to other areas of your life. Improved posture and function along with reduced muscular tension can increase vitality and overall sense of wellness. Greater awareness of the body means that you can take charge of your health to improve posture, flexibility and breathing and movement patterns, and you are encouraged to embrace positive lifestyle changes.

What happens when I come for a Neuromuscular massage? Initially we will discuss the reasons you’ve decided to come for a massage, your needs and your goals for the sessions. We look at what could be causing the problems you may be experiencing. Next, I will do a thorough postural analysis with you and look do some physical assessment e.g. testing the flexibility of different joints, and signs of dysfunction in the muscles.

We may do some stretching and exercises with you still fully clothed. Then I will leave the room and you will have a chance to get undressed (leaving underwear on) to enable the massage treatment. You will stay covered apart from the area being treated and should stay warm also.

Body Alignment Through Neuromuscular Therapy
Body Alignment

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